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Tips For Home Maintenance                                                    


When You Move In

Flush water from sinks and run water through tub.

Flush refrigerator line.


Furnace Maintenance

Change furnace air filter every 4 - 6 weeks.

Check HVAC system every April and September for proper operation.


Interior Maintenance

1.  Re-caulk showers, tubs & sinks regularly to prevent water penetration.

2.  Clean cabinets with furniture polish, using a damp towel will damage finish.

3.  To clean dishwasher, add one cup of vinegar and run through cycle.

4.  Wax cultured marble top with turtle wax annually.

6.  Drain water heater and check pressure valve annually.

7.  To re-set garbage disposal if jammed, use an Allen wrench on the bottom of unit under kitchen sink. Turn until contents spin, push red reset button and then turn switch on.


Exterior Maintenance

1.  Clean weep holes in windows every September prior to rainy season.

2.  Seal stucco cracks and touch up paint annually.

3.  Re-paint exterior every three to five years.

4.  Wrap exposed pipes to prevent bursts from extreme cold weather.

5.  Maintain backyard grading and drainage. Avoid excessive water contact from landscaping with exterior of home.

6.  Turn off sprinkler system at beginning of rainy season.

7.  Keep drain outlet lines free of grass in front yard at sidewalks.

8.  Avoid over watering to prevent run off to lower lying neighboring properties.

9.  Wood mold can be cleaned with a combination of Clorox and water.


Hillside and Slope Maintenance



1.    DO remove debris from roof drains, gutters, and down spouts.

2.    DO clear drainage ditches and check frequently during the rainy season.

3.    DO check for weather-loosened materials above and below your property.

4.    DO limit watering to that amount needed by vegetation and shut off irrigation systems during rainy season.

5.    DO design landscaping to shed water away from your residence.

6.    DO watch for water collecting under your house if you have a raised foundation.

7.    DO exercise ordinary precaution.  Landscaping can either enhance surface drainage or cause problems.

8.    DO consult a qualified professional for hillside or slope improvements to prevent erosion.




1.   DON'T alter lot grading without competent advice.

2.   DON'T block or alter ditches, which have been graded around your house or the lot pad without proper landscape measures to replace them.

3.   DON'T over-irrigate slopes or leave a hose or sprinkler running unattended near a slope. Ground cover and vegetation require moisture during the hot summer months, but only the amount that can be utilized by the plants. During the wet season, irrigation can cause subsurface flow and can cause ground cover to pull loose which destroys the cover and starts serious erosion.



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